BigRingVR: A fun and healthy way to learn about ANT+ sensor networks

Cycling is fun. Cycling in the mountains is even more fun, but what do you do when there are no mountains around or when the roads around your hometown are too dangerous to navigate on two wheels? Enter BigRingVR, a virtual cycling application allowing you to ride beautiful Alpine rides from home. Using a bicycle, a cycle trainer, some ANT+ sensors and an Internet connection everyone is able to ride on beautiful roads with video streamed onto their home gym screen. BigRingVR is currently in Beta and is used by hundreds of users worldwide. During this presentation I’ll explain how BigRingVR is built. I’ll zoom in on how the ANT+ wireless sensors on the bike connect and send their measurements to BigRingVR and how that input is used to present cyclists with a life-like simulation. I’ll demonstrate what it looks and feels like to virtually ride up a mountain and you’ll get the opportunity to experience it for yourself.

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