Hands-on Lab: Create the TV guide action for the Google Assistant with API.AI and Cloud Functions.

To participate in this hackathon, please bring your laptop

At Google we provide assistance to our products for years. With the Google Assistant we are helping users through the day. This can be at home, via a voice activated speaker like Google Home or on the way through phones, tablets, watches or cars.

The assistant can communicate with various Google products, think about: Google, Photos, Google Maps, Trips, Calendar but also external solutions like CNN News, Weather, IFTT, or Uber. We call these Actions.

In this workshop, developers will learn how to create custom actions for the Google Assistant. You will learn about Google Cloud Functions and how to develop Google Assistant actions with API.AI and the Actions SDK.

We will build a serverless cloud function, which requests tv program information once triggered via the Google Assistant.


Basic JavaScript knowledge is required.


Bring your laptop with the following:

  • A GCP Account (or create a free trial account) (For validation reasons, GCP will need a valid creditcard. It won’t be charged.)

Optionally (in case you want to run the examples from your local machine)

Bring a headset, or a proper microphone and headphones, in case you want to test the Google Assistant at the conference.

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