Developing for the Microsoft Hololens

Since the huge kick started success of the oculus rift VR headset, there is a race between companies on who will create the next best thing. While most companies focused on creating VR head mountain displays, Microsoft decided to do something entirely different. They created the next step in augmented reality, they created the Microsoft Hololens. The Hololens is a very smart device, that maps its surroundings and allows interaction with the objects it recognized. This is what Microsoft likes to call “mixed reality”.

Mixed reality is a combination of virtual and augmented reality. Because the Hololens enables developers to map surroundings and recognize surfaces, we can create environments that react to the surroundings of the user. We can enable users to break down their own walls, set their TV on fire, build houses on a coffee table and even fight aliens or dragons that emerge through the ground.

During this session we will fully explore the Hololens, its capabilities and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. Once we established what the Hololens is and what it can and what it can’t do, we will explore what it takes to create awesome stuff for it. Attendees will learn which software they need in order to start developing for the Hololens, what it takes to make “holograms” and how they can be programmed to blend in the environment. In the end attendees will have a solid idea how to create Hololens apps, and hopefully will be inspired to create awesome mixed reality apps!

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