From the Crowdfunding Trenches – Daniel Campora

The Kickstarter Journey Crowdfunding has given new life to creative minds and what could be better than the “no win no fee” conditions with which you can launch something, even insane ideas, on for instance Kickstarter. Pycom’s journey begain back in 2014 with the emerging ideas in Daniel Campora’s head about speeding up the delivery of IoT solutions. This presentation is about the journey through 2 Kickstarters and 2 company formations to get to where Pycom is today. The Story of Things – the ideation process around products Kickstarter 1 Journey – The WiPy Getting set up on a budget The Campaign Launch to Finish What then? Kickstarter 2 Journey – The LoPy Doing it all again, but better The Campaign Where are we now Lessons learned Recommendations to anyone with budding entrepreneurs with ideas.

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