Innovating with Open Source: Building an open IoT environment

It’s useful when you think about Open Source and the Internet of Things is to look at the transformation that Open Source itself has driven in the industry. 95% of organizations are leveraging non-trivial Open Source assets within their IT portfolio. And non-trivial means not just using some particular library; but actually a substantial use of Open Source.

It’s not odd if you think about what Open Source has done. Look back at infrastructure, the progression from mainframe and mini computers to how x86 commodity hardware came to run on Linux. The cloud innovation that’s been underway for years, both public and private, is based on that Linux foundation.

Much more recently, container technologies have allowed applications to move from kind of traditional monolithic architecture structure to more modern micro services, and more flexible architectures. Networking and storage have moved from proprietary physical components to more of a software defined and software-based tools and software-based model.

The massive innovation around data analytics, data mangement, things like Hadoop and Spark and SQL, all have been driven by Open Source. The innovation of today, the transformation of today, is happening in Open Source. It’s enabling organizations that adopt it to move faster so they can focus on creating differentiating business value and not focus on implementing the core technology itself.

One of the largest community around Open Source and the Internet of Things is the Eclipse Foundation’s Internet of Things community at In this session I’ll walk you through the projects Red Hat is involved in, explaining what they do and why they do it, as well as how this can be leveraged in your Enterprise today. I’ll en with a demo of the Enterprise product that was built on this stack.  


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