Keynote Delivering on the promise of IoT – Valery Jacobs

The key challenge in IoT is to be able to ingest and analyze large amounts of data, often coming from multiple platforms and various types of devices. To tackle this challenge we build on, and integrate with, open source software and open standards. Microsoft’s mission is to simplify IoT for developers and to offer tools that manage these complexities for you, without limiting your flexibility or choice of development platform.

During this session we will follow the path of a data event and see what tools and services Microsoft offers along the way. From a device platform supporting many programming languages to a cloud backend that speaks multiple protocols. The aim is to give you insights on how your projects could benefit from any of these building blocks and help you deliver on the promise of IoT.

During this session the following technical topics will be covered: Multiplatform device SDK’s, Open-source developer tools, Windows 10 IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Suite, Azure HDInsight & open-source, IoT resources on GitHub and (if time permits) many more.

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