2016 – Mission to Mars: Exploring new worlds with AWS IoT – Jeroen Resoort

Would you like to explore new worlds with your connected devices? In this presentation we will build a simple robot and connect to it remotely, receiving data and sending instructions over the internet. Just like the Pathfinder spacecraft and it’s Sojourner Mars rover, our little robot will boldly travel into uncharted territory. In a live demo, our robot will explore the session room and transmit all kinds of sensor data. We will visualise that data in a web UI. With the Mars robot use case, we explore the capabilities of the Amazon IoT platform. AWS IoT comes with easy to use APIs and arranges secure communication with our robot. It also provides neat features like a rules engine and ‘device shadow’. Even when our robot is offline, device shadow makes it very easy to retrieve its latest status. And last but not least, for small scale use, AWS IoT is totally free. Are you curious about how to connect your devices to the cloud? Take this journey and find out if this mission will lead to new discoveries.

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