RFID gen2, From inside to outside of the box

The talk will present a deep dive into practical applications of RFID Gen 2 and out of the box implementations, considering predestined and other possible applications. RFID Gen 2 opens new possibilities for tracking, asset control, and other recognition solutions across a wide variety of fields. Our aim is to inspire engineers and entrepreneurs to see possible uses of RFID Gen 2 technology within their industry through our experience of applying this technology for player tracking on various sports fields. The tech talk will be comprised of an introduction to RFID Gen 2 and different use-case walkthroughs of integrating RFID Gen 2. In addition we will demo the implementation process of RFID Gen 2 technology and our vision on the application of RFID Gen 2 in other fields. The talk aims to teach the audience how to get started with the technology using microcontrollers and RFID Gen 2 modules as well as getting familiar with the current available products. The newest RFID technology offers a larger reading range and more tag readings within one reading cycle. It enables us to do more, such as triangulation of the reading instrument based on known tag locations. We will show the fundamentals of how this is done, and what the data can represent. Furthermore we will discuss possible uses of the technology within different industries to spark discussion within the audience. By the end of the talk the audience should be familiar enough with the technology to make an educated choice on its viability within their industry or product.

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