The Bank of Things – future prospects for banks in the IoT

ING is a data-driven enterprise that recently won the ‘best bank in the world’ award, largely because of its innovative services, way of working, and focus on digitalization. What’s possible if ING keeps up this pace of innovation? The Internet of Things promises us a lot of new stuff: a multitude of sensors producing massive amounts of data from our connected cars, houses, wearables, and other machines. What role can a bank play in this? What is the meaning of the PSD2 act in all of this? Are banks even needed or do we just need APIs and apps? And what technology should we incorporate today to support our customers better?

In this talk (part visionary, part pragmatic), Bas will explore the options for banks based on literature and common sense. He will then dive into some technical stuff: software architecture, infrastructure, and software tools that will enable a central position for ‘next version’ banks in the IoT. Join the session if you want to dream along and participate in the discussion!

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