Threats and challenges in IoT: not just a matter of security

Running a network in the age of the Internet of Things means hosting the connectivity of multiple devices owned by a diversity of subjects. Often such devices have full access to private, common and public information about humans operating them. Furthermore, devices can talk to each other without humans being consulted, and such interactions are not even manifest.

The risks of unconscious abuse and exploitation of information asymmetry are growing tremendously. As things initiate on the behalf of users, we are making a major leap towards a world that provides us with contexts that we may not want at all.

In the IoT paradigm, having a clear overview of what goes in and out of the network becomes of crucial importance for home users and professionals. The ultimate question of responsibility for whatever happens within a network cannot be easily answered, considering the way things can autonomously decide to initiate communications.

Beyond falses promises of security, the concept of awareness becomes more important, as well the economy of attention that comes with it. This talk will be a journey in the making of a new free/open source IoT HUB appliance that involved not only developers, but also artists and designers on the task of redefining IoT security not as a violent process, but as a responsible, natural act – one in search of harmony among those things connecting the inside and outside of a person’s private, common, and public aspects of life.

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