Windows 10 IoT Core – Richard Nieuwland

In this session I would like to demonstrate some highlights of the Microsoft IOT Suite in combination with Win 10 IOT Core. The Microsoft IOT Suite in Azure gives the possibility to easily hook up devices and store and present the telemetry from the devices. With the integrated command and control it’s possible to send commands back to the devices. Win 10 IOT Core is an minimal version of Windows 10 which run on several devices, for example the Raspberry Pi 2, which I will demonstrate. The Win 10 IOT tooling makes it easy to develop applications for the Pi and connect with all kind of hardware, I will demonstrate this using C# UWP and node.js. Implementing the Alljoyn framework I will demonstrate how devices can interact locally and also interact with the IOT Suite. Devices I would like to demonstrate in my projects are the Microsoft Band, Philips HUE lamp and the Arduino.

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