Check out all topics and tracks of the IoT Tech Day 2017

Connected Living & Office

This track involves all aspects of the automation of your home and (large scale) offices. This track includes centralized control of lighting, temperature control, appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.

Connected Health & Wearables

This track encompasses programs in health monitoring, remote care, disease and lifestyle management, healthcare insurance ethics, monitoring of professional athletes and how to design a new futureproof hospital, while using the newest wearable and health technology.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Not really IoT, but cool stuff to experiment with! Topics on development platforms for VR & AR (Unity, Tango), educational implementation, possibilities of current hardware and content creation.

Data & Security

All IoT services and products collect and transmit (private) data. This track contains solutions to cope with data and security issues, such as Big Data, Blockchain and Network Security.


Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

All cool stuff related to intelligent machines. Understanding human speech, beating humans in games like Go and self-driving cars are just some examples.


IoT Hardware & Connectivity

Topics on all IoT hardware devices (such as microcontrollers, gateways and the newest & coolest stuff) and IoT connectivity (Infrastructure, wireless, LoRa, Mesh). When should you use which device? Fails or lessons learned with respect to hardware choices. A comparison between devices.


IoT Enterprise solutions

IoT for business with sessions on Mobile Commerce, Smarting Monitoring & management, Asset Tracking and Smart Cities and other interesting government applications.


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