Connected Health & Wearables

Connected health is a model for healthcare delivery that uses technology to provide healthcare remotely. Connected health aims to maximize healthcare resources and provide increased, flexible opportunities for consumers to engage with clinicians and better self-manage their care. It uses technology to deliver patient care outside of the hospital or doctor’s office. Connected health encompasses programs in telehealth, remote care (such as home care) and disease and lifestyle management, often leverages existing technologies such as connected devices using existing cellular networks and is associated with efforts to improve chronic care.¬†Proponents of connected health believe that technology can transform healthcare delivery and address many inefficiencies especially in the area of work flow management, chronic disease management and patient compliance.

Talks and workshops will vary from health monitoring to elderly care and from healthcare insurance ethics to how to design a new futureproof hospital.

Wearables are miniature electronic devices that are worn on the body of the user. Wearables are especially useful for applications that require more complex computational support than just hardware coded logics.

Expect lots of talks and workshops about the newest wearable technology, such as activity trackers and smartwatches, but also about the implementations of this technology in the professional sports world (performance coaching).


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